Most Damaging Debris to Your Roof

Most Damaging Debris to Your Roof

As a homeowner, you need to know what can damage your roof. It’s one of the most important parts of your home. It protects and shelters you. That’s why it’s your responsibility to maintain its durability. It’s also important to learn about the most damaging debris to your roof. 


Hail is the most damaging debris for some homeowners. Hailstorms cannot be avoided, and hailstones pose a major threat to your roof and property. It may bruise and puncture holes in your roof. Hail-damaged roofs should be immediately assessed by a professional roofer. Bruised roofing may cause even more damage if neglected.

Loose Building Components

Loose building components from other houses are also a major problem for your roof. During a strong storm, some small building materials can hit your roof. Pieces of glass, metal and nails can get blown around with the strong winds and damage your roofing. Even your own home can contribute to this damaging debris. To prevent property damage and loose building components from hitting other roofs, it’s advised to check on your property. Right before a storm, make it a habit to make sure that your property has no weak exterior components that can easily tear.

Tree Branches

Seemingly harmless tree branches can also cause damage to your roof during a storm, capable of bruising your shingles. Wood chips, leaves and other parts of the tree can damage the protective layer of your roof. Even nearby standing trees can damage your roof. Strong winds can bend the trees toward your home and scratch your roof and siding. 

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