Warning Signs to Look for When Choosing a Window Installer

Replacing old windows in your home is a significant and beneficial investment that can improve your comfort, energy efficiency and property value. To ensure its success, working with a trusted contractor is imperative. But with so many of these local companies vying for your business, it can be hard to pinpoint which one is the best for your needs. The key to this is to be aware of some major red flags, which we highlight below.

Lack of Licensing and Insurance

Home improvement contractors must have these credentials to ensure peace of mind for their customers. Both licensing and insurance indicate that (1) a window installer is a legitimate business operating within your local area and (2) a window installer is responsible for any untoward incidents that might occur while the project is ongoing, be it an injury to one of the crew members or property damage. If a contractor can’t show their credentials, move on to the next prospect on your list.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Few things are as uncomfortable as being pressured into making a decision. Some contractors resort to aggressive sales tactics — limited-time offers, threats of price increase or scare tactics about your current windows. Remember, a professional contractor should give you space and time to make informed decisions.

Absence of References or Reviews

Seeking opinions from past customers is a wise move when vetting window installers in your area. This helps you gauge the quality of their work and professionalism. Avoid contractors who can’t provide references or if their online reviews are predominantly negative.

Incomplete Contracts or Estimates

A professional contractor provides a detailed estimate and a comprehensive contract. This should include the job description, materials used, timeline and total costs. Don’t sign anything if the important details are missing or vague.

Lack of Experience or Expertise

Experience and expertise are invaluable in window replacement or any other major home improvement project. A contractor’s years in business and expertise can give you confidence in their ability to deliver quality work. Hiring an inexperienced window contractor could lead to inadequate installation and more costs down the line.

Lack of Professionalism

You know a prospective window contractor exhibits professionalism if they return phone calls or respond to emails promptly and provide articulate and complete answers to your questions. Move to the next prospect on your list if they do exactly the opposite.

Lowballing the Estimate

Be cautious of contractors who offer estimates that seem too good to be true. Often, these lowball quotes cost more due to “unforeseen” problems, extra charges or shoddy workmanship.

Requesting Full Payment Upfront

While it’s common practice to pay a deposit, it’s your right to withhold the final payment until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

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Recognizing these red flags can save you time, money and frustration. If you’re still searching for a contractor for your window replacement needs, look no further than Krech Exteriors. We serve homeowners in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. Call us at (651) 688-6368, or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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