Roofing: Dealing With Hail Damage

Roofing: Dealing With Hail Damage

Experts always recommend a roof inspection after severe winter weather. This is to ensure your roof did not sustain any serious damage, especially if you’ve had a hailstorm move through your area.

Unobservable Hail Damage

Surface impacts on shingles shouldn’t be taken lightly because they’re more than cosmetic damage. Although they appear small and barely visible, these marks and indentations can turn into glaring cracks in less than five years’ time. These cracks will make it easier for water to penetrate roof shingles, which usually evaporates back out through the shingles, causing the granules to loosen and crumble. Next time your area experiences high winds, your shingles will have weaker resistance to blow off.

Severe and Latent Hail Damage

Cracks, dents and fissures are often considered “severe” damage while loss of granules or structural weakening of shingles is referred to as “latent” damage. If you notice any of these issues, call a roofer immediately to make a professional assessment and carry out necessary repairs.

Repair or Replacement?

If 12% of your roof’s shingles were damaged by hail, this would require over 50% of the shingles to be repaired. In this case, it would be more economical to replace the entire roofing membrane. This will cost a significant amount so don’t forget to contact your insurance company and file a claim to cover the hail damage on your roof. Also, get quotes from contractors so you can have an amount from which to base how much your home insurance policy will likely cover.

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