A Guide to Choosing Your Roof Vents

A Guide to Choosing Your Roof Vents

Roof installation and replacement are massive undertakings. As it is an excellent investment, it’s vital to understand its elements’ purposes and upkeep requirements. After all, doing this enables you to prevent severe issues that may cause you to spend more than expected. Today, your roofing contractors will delve into roof vents and what to consider when choosing one.

Understanding the Types of Roof Vents

Roof ventilation plays a significant role in keeping your home comfortable. Familiarize yourself with the common vent types to determine which can efficiently cater to your needs:

  1. Electric and Solar-Powered Roof Vents
    Active roof vents are electric and solar-powered solutions. These can quickly help in reducing your utility bills monthly and work best when tightly sealed on the roof.  However, conditioned air will likely be sucked out when it isn’t.
  2. Low-Profile Roof Vents
    These are seen in millions of houses manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminum like some metal roofs. Also known as louvered vents, low-profile roof vents function by drawing out air from a localized area, which is why it is necessary to install multiple vents on one roofing system.
  3. Ridge Vents
    These are created to look similar to shingles as they run across the length of your roof’s peak. These are great in avoiding mold and humidity in the attic, making them ideal for small and large properties.
  4. Roof Turbine Vents
    These are also called roof exhaust fans and metal pot vents. They use large rotating blades to remove several cubic feet of air per minute and perform well in locations that frequently encounter windy weather. However, turbine vents are massive and typically stick out from the roof.

Get assistance from a trusted local roofing company. A standard roofing system should have just the right amount of ventilation. Having too little allows warmth and moisture to build up under the roof. Meanwhile, getting a lot can create additional openings that make the roof more susceptible to leaks. 

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