How Does SmartGuard® Protect LP® SmartSide® Products?

How Does SmartGuard® Protect LP® SmartSide® Products?

LP® SmartSide® products feature the warmth and beauty of natural wood without the necessary maintenance. SmartSide trim and siding are available in 16-inch lengths, resulting in fewer seams on joints on your exterior. These products are more impact resistant than other materials like fiber cement and vinyl. They’re also lightweight, meaning they’re easy to install, and labor costs can be reduced. 

But there are ways to protect your siding even more.Discover how SmartGuard® protects SmartSide products.

What Is SmartGuard®?

All LP SmartSide products are treated with an advanced formula of binders, waxes and zinc borate before being bonded with a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay. This step helps protect the products from moisture to ensure long-lasting durability and strength against harsh outdoor elements. SmartGuard provides four components of protection from termites and fungal decay.  

Four Components of Protection

Waxes – Each strand or fiber of wood is coated with special water-resistant waxes for improved durability in humid environments and during heavy rains. 

Advanced Binders – Industrial-grade binders and resins give LP SmartSide trim and siding superior resistance to impact damage. You can rest assured knowing that your siding remains protected against hail, golf balls and other airborne debris. Ensure the strength and durability of your LP SmartSide siding by hiring an experienced contractor for its installation. 

Zinc borate – Engineered wood treated with zinc borate has been proven and tested to resist damage due to termites and fungal decay. You don’t have to worry about your kids and pets because it’s a safe and natural preservative. 

Resin-saturated overlay – This is the final layer of protection against the elements. It prevents moisture infiltration and creates a strong base for excellent paint adhesion and beauty. 

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