4 Great Tips on Choosing the Right Exterior Color

4 Great Tips on Choosing the Right Exterior Color

Your choice of exterior colors has a large impact on your home’s curb appeal. Humans are visual creatures, so we put a lot of aesthetic importance on harmonious color combinations. Fortunately, we use siding from industry-leading manufacturers like LP®. These products come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to find the best option for your home easily.

Here are four tips on choosing an exterior color:

1. Check out your neighborhood – Context is important in choosing the right color. Spend some time around your neighborhood and observe the color choices. You need a color scheme that doesn’t overtly clash with everyone around you. Your aim is a siding color that stands out without looking garish. Pay particular attention to homes with similar architectural styles to your home. You can use them for inspiration.

2. Confirm the products’ appearance under actual weather conditions – Inspect your paint chips and siding samples under different lighting and weather conditions. You need to have an idea of what the color will look like in bright sunny days and overcast days. This will give you a clear guide to what your home will look like once we upgrade it.

3. Consider your home’s architecture – Different home styles look great with various color schemes. For instance, white and light colored siding works well with Colonial style homes. Meanwhile, rustic home styles look better with warmer colors. You also need to pay attention to your home’s fixed elements. Your new exterior colors need to complement them.

4. Choose three colors – Three complementary or analogous colors will look great on your home. Your siding has the main color, while your trim, shutters, windows, and doors have the other two colors. Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on a 12-part color wheel. Analogous colors are colors that are side by side on the color wheel.

These tips can help make your home more beautiful and distinctive. If you need more personalized advice, Krech Exteriors can help. We have over two decades of experience in the home improvement industry. This knowledge means we can make the best color and design options for your unique home. We serve many areas including Minneapolis, Apple Valley, St. Paul, Eagan, and Woodbury. Call us at (651) 968-8888 for more color tips. You can also request for a free estimate.

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