All About Slate Roof Installation

All About Slate Roof Installation

Slate is among the most beautiful and durable roofing materials available today. Krech Exteriors installs GAF TruSlate®, the standard for quality for slate roofing. It’s important to install slate roofing properly to avoid issues.

Tools and Technique

Workers should reduce walking on the slate to avoid cracking the stone. They should use roof brackets, called “roof jacks”. A good slate roofer uses common tools like slate cutters, hammers, hooks and rippers. Good roofers also mix up their supply of slate as they work. They don’t pull from a single pallet to avoid sudden changes in color.

The Perfect Overlaps

It’s critical how slate tiles overlap each other to keep water out of your house. They should overlap by at least three inches on the sides, called sidelap. Even more important is the overlap at the top, called headlap. Steep roofing needs three inches of headlap while a shallower roof at least four inches. Roofs shallower than a pitch of 4:12 should not use slate. Roofers will also add one to two inches of headlap near the eaves to help guard against ice damming.

The Right Nails

Good contractors use only nails made of copper, stainless steel or at least hot-dipped galvanized steel. They will last as long as the slate. We make sure not to use electro-galvanized nails because they can rust in only a couple of years.

Also worth noting is that nail length should be double the thickness of your slates plus one inch. This way, they will penetrate the roof sheathing, but not pass through to the other side. The nail heads should sit flush with the slate. Pounded in too far, they can crack the slates they should be holding. If not pounded in far enough, they can crack the slates overlapping them.

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