Biggest Design Trends in 2019: How to Update Your Exterior

Biggest Design Trends in 2019: How to Update Your Exterior

You’ll need to update your home’s exterior from time to time to maintain its curb appeal. So, it helps to know the latest design trends.

Timeless Visual Appeal 

Homeowners will always value an exterior that can last for a long time. This year, this preference has extended to its aesthetics. Siding with enduring durability and aesthetics is gaining traction among homeowners. This is a possible reason why more and more homeowners are choosing siding with a smooth finish.

The Shift Away From Textured Siding 

The increasing popularity of siding with a smooth finish comes at the expense of textured siding. This isn’t a surprise given that it’s harder to match textured siding with other parts of your exterior. On the other hand, siding with a smooth finish complements most design elements – even trendier ones – and, therefore, has timeless visual appeal.

The Focus on the Siding 

Experts say renewed focus on the siding as a focal point of the exterior may be another reason behind the shift in preferences. As a rule of thumb, all the parts of your exterior should blend into a consistent aesthetic. However, homeowners tend to treat the color and texture of their siding as an accent, which may be the reason why trendier and difficult-to-coordinate textured siding was viable at that time. But this is no longer the case.

The Practical Benefits of Following This Trend 

Apart from an enhanced curb appeal, installing durable siding with a timeless smooth finish can help you save money on renovation costs. Since a smooth finish goes well with a wide variety of design elements, you don’t need major renovations just to update your exterior. A few minor modifications will be enough. Plus, you won’t have to replace siding as often since it’ll last longer.

The LP® Advantage   

If you’re planning to update your siding, why not try LP® SmartSide® siding? This line of siding comes with a sleek finish and in a variety of styles. Just make sure only an experienced contractor installs your new siding. Whether you need a new roofing system or siding installed, always vet your contractor.

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