Does Siding and Window Replacement Increase Property Value?

Does Siding and Window Replacement Increase Property Value?

Your siding and windows are critical components of your home. They enhance curb appeal and offer protection against the elements. Your siding shields you from the rain and prevents outdoor humidity from affecting your indoor comfort. Meanwhile, your windows offer natural lighting and passive ventilation – which are also crucial to your comfort.

Unfortunately, your siding and windows will eventually show signs of wear. If you plan on selling your home, old windows and siding could negatively impact your home’s resale value.

Here’s how siding and window replacement can help boost your property’s value.

Reduced Energy Costs

Double- or triple-glazed windows and new siding offer better insulation, which means the temperature outside won’t affect your interior. Your heating and cooling system will have an easier time reaching your desired indoor temperature. This reduces its energy consumption, which then translates into lower utility bills. Homebuyers these days are always on the lookout for energy-saving features, so new windows and siding would certainly help boost your property’s value. 

Temperature Control

Beautiful aesthetics are worth nothing if a home’s interior isn’t comfortable. With new windows and siding, you can better manage the temperature inside the house. Since siding prevents humidity from seeping into your living spaces and windows prevent too much heat from getting absorbed into a room, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable home all year round. 


Old windows tend to creak or mechanically freeze because their components have become rusty. Meanwhile, old or damaged siding can lead to a host of problems that homebuyers surely don’t want to deal with after purchasing a property. Increase buyer confidence by ensuring the windows and siding are in excellent condition.

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