GAF Roofing Cares for the Environment

GAF Roofing Cares for the Environment

GAF’s commitment to sustainability is admirable. In all areas of their business, the brand has embraced green practices to minimize carbon footprint emission—from production to construction.

As a proud GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor in Minneapolis, Krech Exteriors shares the eco-friendly values of North America’s top roofing brand. More than quality, we chose to use GAF’s high-performance to make homes as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible.

In a nutshell, here are three main ways GAF care for the environment starting from your roof:

Reflective Shingles

The Timberline® Cool Series Shingles is a testament to GAF’s unswerving dedication to ecological sustainability. Dubbed as cool shingles, these innovative products have highly reflective properties to fend off extreme heat absorption in your roofing in St. Paul and reduce your energy costs in the process.

The Cool Roof Rating Council says you may save up to 15% of total energy costs with GAF’s cool roofing system. This provides you a tremendous amount of savings.

Optimal Ventilation

Reinforced by Cobra® Attic Ventilation, GAF roofing delivers maximum insulation. Regardless of the climate, this ventilation system assists your roof in controlling heat transfer. This way, you can better customize your indoor climate with less energy.

In addition, GAF’s high-performance ventilation system helps prevent ice damming along the edges of your roof. This keeps your home safer during the frigid winter months.

Recyclable Materials

GAF shingles are 100% recyclable, preventing any waste to end up in landfills. Furthermore, this iconic brand has embraced recycling with resolve. As the trusted roofer in St. Paul, our team is GAF’s partner in turning excess asphalt shingles into road pavements.

Be part of the green revolution, and harness the high energy efficiency potential of GAF roofing. Call Krech Exteriors at (651) 968-8888 to learn more about green roofing and let’s get your project started.

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