Home Improvements for Increasing Your Sale Price

Home Improvements for Increasing Your Sale Price

A home’s curb appeal is very important, and it can affect the number of people interested in buying your house. First impressions last, and the best way your home can make a good first impression is by improving your exteriors.

Not all exterior improvements are worth the cost, however. Research shows that it’s difficult to recoup the costs for certain exterior improvements. Here are some of the exterior improvement projects with highest recoup rates.

Stone Veneer

Replacing vinyl siding with stone veneer won’t just attract potential buyers; it will increase your home’s selling price. You can recoup up to 93.5% of stone veneer installation costs when you sell your house.

Siding Replacement

Aside from keeping your home protected from the elements, newly replaced siding attracts potential buyers and returns about 87.4% of replacement costs upon selling.

Entry Door and Garage Door Replacements

Aside from providing security, doors add beauty to any home. You can recoup up to 82.3% on new entry doors and up to 81% on garage doors.

Window Replacement

Depending on the type of replacement windows being installed, you can recoup about 68.8% (wood) to 77.1% (vinyl) of replacement costs.

A New Deck

Decks add warmth to any home. They also add value to your home once you put it up for sale. You’ll recover about 69.1% of the cost to add a deck to your property once it gets sold.

Roofing Replacement

Leaky roofs drive potential buyers away. Newly replaced roofs, on the other hand, help you sell your property and return about 64.3% (metal roofing) to 67.8% (asphalt shingles) of replacement costs.

These exterior improvements will help you sell your home at a relatively good price. Focus on these, and you won’t worry about losing more than you can earn.

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