New Year, Better Home: Getting Your Roof, Siding and Windows in Shape – Part III: Windows

Getting your home in shape will be incomplete if you have not included your windows in your to-check list. Windows are highly functional so the condition yours are in will affect your home’s overall performance, both in form and function.


The Importance of Window Inspection
Windows must be regularly inspected every season to ensure that they are in good condition, with no leaks and no damaged parts. Big leaks and major damage are easy enough to spot but small instances of damage, which are equally problematic, may be more difficult to detect. When left unattended, these small problems will grow, damaging your window bit by bit. A faulty window also contributes to high energy use because it reduces your home’s overall insulative ability. A regular window inspection will let you catch issues in the early stages, solving them when they are easier and more affordable to manage.


What to Expect in a Window Inspection
During a window inspection, the following must be performed:


• Frame and sash check. Look for signs of moisture infiltration and rot.
• Moisture and condensation check. Is condensation present between glass panes?
• Paint check. Is paint peeling? It might mean certain areas of the frame have become brittle, warping, or moisture has seeped into the material, lifting the paint.
• Weatherstripping check. Make sure they are in place around the window frame and they are not worn out yet.
• Gap check. There should be no visible space between the window and your wall.


Is It Time for Window Replacement?
Replacing your old windows can be a good investment because you’ll be boosting both form and function for your home. Not to mention convenient, because you’ll be able to do away with tedious maintenance tasks that older windows require. But how do you know if you’re due for a window replacement? If you notice the following signs, it is most probably time:


• You have trouble using your window. Unless you have a fixed window, you should be able to open and close your window with ease. Difficulty operation may signal a problem in the movable components of a window, which may have been worn out already from constant use.
• You see condensation between glass panes. Multi-pane windows are great because of the incredible insulation they provide. However, their insulative capabilities drop when their seals are compromised, making them less energy-efficient.
• You feel a noticeable draft. Some level of air leakage is to be expected from windows but there should not be enough for you to actually feel it. Air leakage disrupts indoor temperature, forcing your HVAC system to work doubly hard to maintain conditions to keep you comfortable and leading to a spike in your energy bill.
• Your windows are no longer beautiful. Even when your windows are still working fine, looking dilapidated is not doing your home any favors. However, a visible drop in aesthetics is usually accompanied by physical deterioration so being not-so-good-looking may be a sign that your window is simply too worn out to be effective.


Planning and scheduling home improvement projects can really be exciting — and overwhelming at the same time. To make sure that everything is in place and every decision is right for your home, make sure you work only with a reputable contractor.

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