Siding vs. Windows: Which Should You Replace First?

Siding vs. Windows: Which Should You Replace First?

New siding and windows will completely transform the look of your home and boost its energy efficiency. They will increase your curb appeal and weather protection while improving indoor comfort. Sometimes, you can’t replace both exterior components simultaneously, and you have to choose one. 

Here’s something to help you decide which project to prioritize. 

What’s the Safest Option?

It would help to consult professionals regarding the home improvements you are planning. However, replacing windows is almost always ideal before getting new siding. By replacing the windows first, your installer can put them in place and do the capping surrounding the windows before installing the siding. 

When you replace the siding first, the capping on the old windows can easily get damaged, meaning they will have to be capped again. Later, when you get new windows, your contractor may need to remove the new siding to replace the moisture barrier. Removing and reinstalling the siding could significantly add to your overall project costs, especially if you are getting several windows.

Why Should You Replace Windows First?

Replacement windows are installed from inside your home, meaning you can get them done before or after your siding replacement project. While removing the siding might not be necessary to install them, your contractor might need to repair the framing, capping or moisture barrier. On the other hand, professionals install new construction windows from the outside. Removing the trim or siding might be necessary to install these windows. They also require a new moisture barrier and capping.  

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