Corporate Responsibility: What It Means to Be a BATC Roofer

St. Paul roofing projects can be a breeze—that is, if we know whom to trust with them. When hiring a roofer, we know it’s important to consider the following: experience, licenses, insurance, and work quality. The problem begins when a lot of roofers claim to have all these things. How do we make a decision then?


Dig deeper. Take a good look at how the roofers conduct their business and what they do outside of it. A self-aware and dependable roofer upholds the principles of corporate responsibility. They practice ethical business policies and immerse themselves in activities that give back to the community.


Community matters. This is why we at Krech Exteriors pride ourselves on our work as part of the Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities (BATC).


BATC is a nonprofit organization composed of builders, remodelers, and manufacturers that aim to create safe and affordable housing in the Twin Cities area. They attempt to reach out to every member of their community, especially to those who can barely afford proper housing.


They have a special arm, the BATC Foundation (formerly known as the Builder’s Outreach Foundation), which has a long history of reaching out to communities in the Twin Cities. Their charitable work dates as far back as the early 1990s, when they built homes for several families in need in the St. Paul area.


The foundation gets the help it needs for its projects from members who volunteer manpower and resources. This helps keep costs low for building proper and reasonably priced houses for Twin Cities residents who need them the most.


What do you get from a roofer that is part of an organization like BATC?


It’s actually pretty simple: A roofer’s honest dedication to their craft shows when they extend their high-quality services to those who may otherwise be unable to afford them. It’s exceptional service taken to the next level. You know they care—not just for their customers, but for the community as a whole. That’s the kind of people you want to work on your home.


We here at Krech Exteriors believe that being part of an organization like BATC has helped us as community members and as an expert roofer in St. Paul and surrounding areas. It feels really good to be able to share the joy we find in improving homes with those in need.


Our community trusts us to perform quality and affordable roofing repair, replacement, and maintenance services for their homes. For the roofing systems we install, we partner with GAF and CertainTeed, the most reliable names in roofing manufacturing in the country.


Need someone to look at your roof? We can help. Give us a call at (651) 968-8888. Set up a free in-home consultation with our expert team and let’s get those roofing projects going!

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