3 Tips on Home Spring Maintenance

3 Tips on Home Spring Maintenance

Spring is the perfect opportunity for cleaning and maintenance. It’s the season to check every corner of your home and see if it will need repair work. During this time, you can deal with problems left by winter, as well as prepare for summer’s harsh heat.

Krech Exteriors offers three tips on spring maintenance.

Inspect the Roof

Spring is the perfect time to consult your trusted roofing contractor in Minneapolis. Your roofing system needs a full checkup to ensure that it’s in good condition. Look for damaged and missing shingles, as these are a huge indicator that your system is in trouble. Debris and dirt in valleys between peaks are also signs that your roofing has to be cleaned. When you see these problems, contact us right away. Krech Exteriors can conduct a thorough roof inspection. We’ll also make the necessary repairs or cleaning to improve your roofing system.

Check the Siding

Search for damaged spots in your siding. You can find them in eaves and near gutter downspouts. Water stains can also be linked to gutter problems. If you’re not sure where to look, it’s best to call a professional roofer in St. Paul. Krech Exteriors can fix your siding problems. We can also install reliable and durable products from James Hardie® should your siding need a replacement.

Replace the Windows

Ignoring leakage, cracks, and corrosion around windows could lead to bigger and costlier problems. A window replacement might be the best option to ensure that your windows are in good shape. Krech Exteriors has professional replacement window installers who can get the job done. Our range of windows comes from Andersen and Marvin, two of the most trusted names in the industry.

The siding, windows, and roofing in St. Paul are only some of the areas you need to check this spring season. Maintaining them and getting necessary repairs done will help you protect your home better. They will also let you and your family live more comfortably without having to worry about leaks and cold breeze coming in because of damaged roofs, windows, or siding.

Call Krech Exteriors at (651) 968-8888 so we can get started on your spring home maintenance project right away.

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