4 Tips on Preventing Fire Damage to Your Roof

4 Tips on Preventing Fire Damage to Your Roof

Taking preventative measures is your roof’s best protection against fire damage. Today, we share preventative tips on reducing the risk of fire damage to your roof.

1. Install a roof with Class A rating – Roofing manufacturers offer complete roofing systems rated according to the fire-test-response standard ASTM E108. Ratings are based on simulated exposure to embers, gas flame and open flame. The roofing system may be classified as Class A, B or C, with Class A being the best-performing roof against fire damage. In addition to helping reduce the risks of fire damage, Class A roofing may also make you eligible for discounts with your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

2. Don’t hold off roof leak repairs – There are many reasons why you should call your roofer in case you find signs of a leaking roof. One of these is that holes in the roof can allow fire or embers get into the attic, where components like insulation and framing can catch fire.

3. Clean the roof regularly – Dry leaves and debris on your roof can act as kindling and increase the risk of the roof and surrounding plants catching on fire. Cleaning your roof regularly, either by yourself or by a professional, can help decrease this risk. Cleaning your gutters along with the roof also helps reduce the risks of damage associated with clogged gutters, including water infiltration at the roof edges.

4. Trim the tree branches near your roof – Done less often, but just as important, is maintaining a clearance of about 10 feet between the roof’s surface and the outermost tree branches in your property. In addition to helping prevent scratches on the rooftop and blocking nesting animals’ access to the roof, it also helps reduce the risk of fire damage from burning tree branches, which can happen after a lightning strike. You can avoid harming the tree by hiring an arborist to properly cut the tree branches.

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