5 Ways a Healthy Roof Benefits the Home

5 Ways a Healthy Roof Benefits the Home

A healthy roof makes a healthy home. Roof maintenance is the simplest way to care for your home while keeping its structural integrity intact. Moreover, your roof’s condition has a direct impact on the level of comfort and indoor air quality in all of your rooms.

These are the main ways a well-maintained roof affects the rest of your home:

  1. Protecting From Interior Water Damage

    A leak-free roofing system keeps your interior space in good shape. As your home’s primary layer of protection against the elements, any form of damage can lead to water intrusion. Since moisture causes decay in wooden building materials, leaks can wreak havoc on the ceilings, walls and floors.

  2. Keeping Attic Insulation Dry and Effective
    Water and insulation don’t mix. Leakage causes the insulation material to clump and lose its efficiency and effectiveness in reducing thermal transfer. Although the insulation will eventually dry out, it might take some time. As long as it’s wet, it will also allow the heat to escape through the attic, waste energy and compromise your indoor comfort.
  3. Inhibiting Ice Dam Formation

    In cold climates, ice dams are commonplace, but they’re not natural. Any experienced roofing contractor would say that ice damming is actually the side effect of having inadequate attic ventilation. Your roof’s inability to mix warm indoor air with cool drafts will cause the snow to melt on its surface. And since it’s colder around the edges, the water refreezes along the overhangs, becoming icicles that pose an actual safety risk.

  4. Preventing Fire

    It may sound counterintuitive, but water leads to fire. When leaks touch electrical wiring, the contact can create an open circuit, which can result in a fire. In addition, electrically charged pools of water are a shock hazard.

  5. Discouraging Mold and Mildew Growth

    Poor roof ventilation traps excessive moist air, setting the stage for condensation. When the vapors turn into liquid water, they’ll moisten objects and surfaces in the attic, and allow harmful microorganisms to thrive. Before you know it, you’ll be living with colonies of mold and mildew, making your home a less healthy place.

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