Roof Flashing 101: What Makes It a Crucial Roof Component?

Roof Flashing 101: What Makes It a Crucial Roof Component?

You can say the flashing is one of the unsung heroes of a roofing system. Without this essential component, you’ll be dealing with a leak in your home every time it rains. Here’s why it’s important.

What Is a Roof Flashing?

The flashing refers to a strip of waterproofing material installed in the more leak-prone areas of your roof. In the past, this roof component was incredibly difficult to install, with some builders even using birch bark or mortar flaunching as flashing material. With the introduction of sheet metal, this became much easier. Today, many building companies use sheet metal flashing to protect the roof from leaks – or copper, if you have a historic home and wish to preserve its look.

Why Is the Roof Flashing Important?

The flashing secures the joints in your roof, plus the areas that tend to receive a considerable amount of water. When the flashing is installed properly, it will channel rainwater away from these vulnerable areas, significantly reducing the potential of leaks. You’ll typically find the flashing covering the:

1. Valleys: These are the areas where two roofing planes meet. Flashing installed in this particular spot is especially important because the two roof slopes both direct rainwater here. Without the flashing, water will gather in this area, increasing the risk of leaks.

2. Chimneys: The chimney is one of the biggest protrusions from the roof and will require a special flashing. In fact, the chimney generally uses three types of flashing, all of them working to ensure that water is directed onto the roof instead of pooling in the area.

3. Skylights: Around skylights, a continuous piece of sheet metal is used on each side to create a durable, airtight seal.

4. Dormers: To avoid leaks around the dormer, a length of sheet metal similar to that used in the valley is attached to the seam between the roof of the dormer and the rest of the roofing. The seams between the walls of the dormer and the roof are sealed with flashing like that used around chimneys.

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