Spring Roof Maintenance Don’ts to Prevent Roof Damage

Spring Roof Maintenance Don’ts to Prevent Roof Damage

Spring is the ideal season to inspect your roof and keep it in good condition. Proper roofing maintenance can prevent costly issues that roof leaks, rot and peeling paint cause. However, poor maintenance and inspection practices can also damage your roof. In this post, reputable and trusted neighborhood roofing contractor Krech Exteriors lists the don’ts of roofing maintenance.

Ignore Warning Signs

Homeowners often ignore minor signs of damage, but even a tiny amount of water entering the attic can lead to more serious issues if ignored. Hire an expert roofer to inspect your attic and shingles and repair them before they worsen. An in-depth roofing inspection checks for cracked seals, broken tiles and trails leading to hidden roof leaks and damage.

Delay Repairs

Some homes can endure roof damage to an extent. In some cases, a passing storm cannot exacerbate the existing damage to the system. Still, delaying it does not solve the issue and will lead to huge, expensive problems over time. Repair costs will only increase if you delay repairs. Address problems as soon as possible to avoid more significant complications.

Use Poor Quality Materials

Only use high-quality and locally made roofing materials. For instance, GAF roofing systems are the primary option for many homeowners in your area because of their outstanding durability and lifetime manufacturer warranties. Alternatively, poor-quality materials will only lead to expensive damage and immediate replacement. 

Hire Uncertified Roofers

Certified roofers will take care of your roof system according to the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Local manufacturers like GAF train roofers to install their products carefully. GAF Master Elite® roofers, the best among them, are made up of only 2% of the roofing contractor population in the country. These certified roofers will inspect, repair and replace your roofs effectively and without delay and malfunction.

Ready to have your roof installed? Call upon Krech Exterior’s GAF Master Elite-level roofers to inspect and address your roof in spring. Many homeowners in your area trust our quality of service to protect their property from the elements for decades. Call us at (651) 688-6368 or fill out this contact form to get an estimate.

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