Tips on Inspecting Your Roof Safely After a Storm

Tips on Inspecting Your Roof Safely After a Storm

Storm damage can be destructive on different exterior components of your home. Experienced roofing contractors, such as Krech Exteriors, emphasizes the need to ensure your roof is still in good condition after extreme weather conditions. Here are some tips on assessing your roofing system after a storm.


Inspect from the Ground

Once the weather calms down, you can go out to visually inspect your home. Walk around the perimeter and take note of every sign of damage. Look at the plane of your roof, the eaves, and the gutters to spot causes for concern. You can also inspect for obvious signs such as cracked, curled, dented, or torn shingles. Missing shingles are also major concerns. If you feel there’s a need for a more thorough inspection, call a licensed and insured contractor instead.

Go to the Attic

To look for leaks, check your attic. Traces of water leakage are generally noticeable in this part of your home. Normally, you’d see water spots on attic walls and lower-floor ceilings. Pay attention to light fixtures, too. They might give clues about any presence of water, which is only possible when there’s a leak. To make sure all hidden and visible damage are covered, hire an expert roofer like us for an inspection.

Look for Non-Roof-Related Red Flags

You can expand your search to other key areas of your home. They include your windows and siding. Common red flags include broken panes, bubbling paint, and drafts. Once you see damaged components, we recommend you plan for repairs or replacement, if necessary.

It pays to schedule a professional roofing inspection for good measure. To get an honest assessment of your roof’s condition, call Krech Exteriors today at (651) 968-8888. We’ll be happy to set a FREE, in-home consultation. We serve Minneapolis and the nearby areas.

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