What to Do When You Experience Roof Storm Damage

What to Do When You Experience Roof Storm Damage

Disaster could strike when least expected and wreak havoc with your roof. Sometimes, storm-inflicted damage couldn’t wait until the morning, especially when the rain has invaded the interior. If you find yourself in this emergency, Krech Exteriors recommends the following:

Call in the Right Pros

Ask for help to minimize the damage to your roofing system. It’s dangerous to procrastinate leak repairs since water can turn into a fire hazard, but it’s more perilous to do the job yourself. Braving the elements is unwise, and tarping off the affected areas the wrong way could make matters worse.

The problem is, most roofers are untrained to handle different materials. Moreover, many don’t even specialize in repairs; those who know don’t always provide emergency services. That said, you can consider Krech Exteriors a rare breed. We have a wealth of experience fixing roofs of different materials, such as asphalt shingles and concrete tiles. Since all members of our crew are local residents, you can rest assured we can deliver a prompt response to your needs.

Manage the Leak

To reduce the negative effects of water intrusion, experienced roofing repair contractors would advise you to give the leak a way out. The water would always find an escape route, which would be any penetration point, like a light fixture. It might damage your costly valuables if you allow the water to find its own exit.

You can control the leak and let it escape by poking a small hole in the middle of the wettest bulge in the ceiling. Make sure you have large empty buckets ready to collect the cascading water. A word of caution: do this only if you could do it safely. Otherwise, it’s better to wait for help to arrive.

Beware of Storm Chasers

Some roofers might knock on your door and offer to fix your roof in the middle of the rain. These storm chasers thrive on desperate situations. While some of them may be trustworthy, they generally have a bad reputation for ripping homeowners off. To avoid falling victim to these crooked professionals, just wait for licensed and insured roofing experts to come to your rescue.

Krech Exteriors is your calm during and after the storm. Call us at (651) 968-8888 to schedule our emergency visit to your home Minneapolis or St. Paul in no time.

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