4 Benefits of Beautiful and Durable New Siding

4 Benefits of Beautiful and Durable New Siding

Siding enhances your property’s appearance and improves its durability. Quality siding has exceptional moisture and UV resistance to protect your property from extreme weather and water damage. If you’re still on the fence about replacing your siding, here are five benefits you’ll have with this investment, according to top local roofing and siding contractor Krech Exteriors.

1. Comfort

Siding can contribute to your property’s energy-saving capabilities. Top-quality siding material can improve interior insulation to maintain indoor temperatures and help you save more from monthly bills. 

Adequate insulation makes your home comfortable in any weather. Siding can keep heat indoors for longer during winter and repel heat from entering indoors during summer. Choose thick and dense siding or ask your roofer and siding contractor for their recommendations.

2. Protection

Wood and vinyl siding offers ample protection against extreme weather conditions. Wood is durable, but it can endure water damage during heavy rains. On the other hand, affordable vinyl’s two big downsides are quickly fading colors and warping in less than five years. 

Fiber cement siding is an optimal alternative for these two siding materials. For instance, James Hardie® insect and water-resistant siding can withstand hailstone and stray tree branch impacts. Furthermore, its colors won’t fade suddenly after a few years. 

3. Humidity Resistance

Top-notch siding products will protect your internal foundational walls from crumbling due to high humidity. Humidity is a threat to any home. Wood siding is prone to water damage when high local humidity levels can soak your interior walls if left unattended. You won’t have these problems with fiber cement siding from James Hardie.

4. Structural Durability

New wood, vinyl and fiber cement siding will improve your home’s structural durability. Their strength will support the foundational walls and prevent warping in any weather. The special composition of fiber cement siding can support more weight than wood and vinyl. James Hardie siding, for example, can last for more than three decades without warping, cracking, rotting or discoloring.

Want quality siding products as your replacement? Count on Krech Exteriors to install it with the manufacturer’s approval and guarantee. As a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, we’re certified to install their products in the right way and with James Hardie’s full warranty coverage. We also offer quality services as one of the best roofing contractors in your area. Call us at (651) 688-6368 or fill out this contact form to get started. We proudly serve homes in Minneapolis.

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