Avoid Unwanted Surprises with Our Siding Design Service

Avoid Unwanted Surprises with Our Siding Design Service

A major part of planning your next home remodeling is by getting a full-color digital rendering of the house or building with the new exteriors on. A detailed illustration of what the home will actually look like is important. After all, this can prevent unwanted surprises, second-guessing, and potentially costly rework.

Our talented designers at Krech Exteriors are ready to help you choose the best siding in Minneapolis with our Siding Design Service. Here is how it works:


We begin by taking high-resolution pictures of your home or building’s exteriors. We’ll load this into our computers later. We’ll use these images to create a detailed rendering of the structure.


Once the digital rendering is done, we’ll then start applying different options. We’ll collaborate with you over the Internet, trying on different colors, styles, and textures. You can virtually try on several brands of siding in Minneapolis until you get the design that you want.


We’ll then create a final, high resolution rendering of your design. We’ll use this as the guide for the actual remodeling work. In addition to being a visual reference, the render will indicate the kind of Minneapolis siding will be used. There’s nothing worse than having a perfect render of the building on hand, only to find out that the exact material isn’t available.

We have invested in this advanced exterior design application so that we can provide a service that’s tailored specifically to every homeowner and business owner that we serve. Every home and building has different needs, and finding that perfect balance between aesthetics, function and material availability is tricky.  By commissioning an application that lets us collaborate with our customers in relative real time, we get to keep an eye on the technical details at all times.

We also still get to discuss visual appeal, maintenance, cost, and other questions before the final render. This helps expedite the preparatory stage, allowing you to know what to expect even before the project begins.

If you would to experience how our Siding Design Service works, call Krech Exteriors today at (651) 688-6368. You may also use our form.

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