Every Siding Term You Need to Know

Every Siding Term You Need to Know

Is it your first time replacing or repairing your siding? You may come across some strange terms like “backerboard” or “utility trim”. Instead of ignoring these words, you should learn to understand the meaning behind them. In fact, some of these siding terms might help you better learn the basics of the siding replacement process as well as the type of siding you need for your project.

Here are popular siding terms you should know.


The backerboard is a flat material used on the face of the house. It is applied between the studs and the siding – or over the existing wall surface – to provide an even surface for installing your siding.


The batten is a strip of wood that seals the joints in wooden siding. When it comes to modern “board and batten” siding, the old wood siding had “boards” and “battens” to fill the gaps between the boards. Take note that battens are the small parts that go between the boards. 


The channel is the area on a piece of siding that allows for another piece of siding or trims to be inserted. It also refers to the trim itself and is named for the letters of the alphabet they resemble. Some examples include J-channel, F-channel and many more. 


The fascia is the trim covering the ends of roof rafters. Meanwhile, the fascia board is a board attached to the ends of the rafters between the roofing material and the soffit overhang. 


The flashing is a piece of metal that is used above doors and windows to keep draining water from penetrating the home. On the other hand, a head flashing is a piece of trim that’s meant to deflect water away from the top of vertical siding, preventing water from getting behind the siding and the backerboard from rotting over time. 


Lap, which is short for “overlap,” means overlapping the ends of two siding panels or accessory pieces to allow for expansion and contraction while lap joints mean one panel of siding overlapping another one. Laps are necessary on siding and ensure that you don’t see the nails that fasten the siding to the exterior of the home. 

Utility Trim

A utility trim is a piece of trim used to secure a siding panel when the top lock has been removed from the siding. Some contractors may also refer to it as “undersill” or “finish trim”. 

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