Find the Siding Color That Fits Your Home

Find the Siding Color That Fits Your Home

Your siding is designed to protect your home against the elements, including the sun, rain, snow, heat and cold. Siding should reflect your personality and preferences, and selecting the right shade should dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal.

Personal Taste

One way to choose siding color is to consider the overall theme of the home itself. Let your house style determine the color palette. Love the quaint charm of Craftsman homes? An earthy color palette of deep reds, olive greens and rich browns work really well. However, if you have a light and breezy country home, shades of blue work, too.


Vinyl siding is widely used today, and it’s made mostly in beige or pastel colors. Homes that face the sun, without a tree as shading, will most likely experience some sort of fading over time. It is advisable to stick with light to medium shades to increase the siding’s lifespan.

Architectural Compatibility

It’s natural to mix more than one type of siding. For example, wood siding can add interest and depth to an ultra-modern facade – as does natural stone, which adds a uniquely cohesive look. Sometimes, color is the best way to accentuate or draw attention to different architectural styles employed in the exterior. This adds visual interest to any building.

Color must a vital part in choosing the exterior part of your home. Krech Exteriors can help you with your project. Give us a call at (651) 968-8888, and schedule your FREE in-home consultation with Krech Exteriors. We serve Minneapolis and nearby areas.

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