Siding Functions: How Cladding Protects Your Home

Siding Functions: How Cladding Protects Your Home

In addition to playing a critical role in your home’s aesthetic appeal, your siding also protects it from the elements. Together with the roofing and gutter systems, this important exterior component helps keep excess moisture out, safeguarding your interior from potential damage. 

Protection Against Water Damage

Exterior siding deflects rain and moisture from penetrating your home’s interior. With this installed, you can minimize the chances of mold and mildew growing in your living spaces and compromising the health of you and your loved ones. By keeping moisture out, the studs and frames that support your home won’t suffer extensive structural damage due to rot.

To ensure these issues won’t manifest over time, keeping your siding well-maintained and leak-free is imperative. Failure to do so may result in moisture leaking into your home’s interior undetected. Before long, you’ll soon notice visible brown spots and puffiness on the walls and ceilings – signs that are also indicative of leaks in the roofing system.

Signs of Siding Failure

Even when you are proactive with siding maintenance, it may begin showing signs of failure. These include cracking, bending or warping of the cladding as well as one side of the panel pulling away from the wall of your home. From inside your home, siding failure is likely to occur if you see peeling paint or sagging wallpaper.

To prevent these siding issues in the future, make sure you perform visual inspections regularly. Consider doing it during seasonal transitions and after a severe storm has passed through your area. Working with a reliable contractor who can do repairs is of utmost importance as well. The pros can recommend a replacement if they deem that the siding has reached the end of its lifespan.

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