Siding Replacement: How Much Does It Cost?

Your siding keeps your home beautiful and protected against the elements. It can help reduce your energy costs by making your indoor spaces easier to heat and cool. If you’re considering replacing your siding, it’s vital to understand your project’s costs. Read on to discover factors that can influence the cost of siding replacement. 


Your choice of material makes up a significant portion of your siding replacement cost. Each option varies in price, durability, maintenance requirements and appeal. For instance, vinyl siding is known for its cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance. Fiber cement siding is popular for its beauty, versatility and durability. 

Home Size and Design 

The size and structure of your home determine the amount of material necessary for your project. It can also affect the installation’s duration and complexity. Larger homes or those with intricate architectural features might require more materials and be more labor intensive, resulting in higher costs. 


Obtaining multiple quotes can give you an idea about labor costs in your area. Be careful of contractors who provide unrealistically low estimates. It could be a sign they are inexperienced or use substandard materials. While experienced and skilled professionals might charge more, you can count on them for high-quality products and superior craftsmanship. 

Additional Costs 

Don’t forget to consider additional costs when preparing your siding replacement budget. These expenses can involve the removal and disposal of the old materials. While tearing off the old siding, workers might discover damage in the underlying structure. If this is the case, repairs will be necessary before installing the new material. To avoid delays, set aside a portion of your budget for surprises.

Whether you’re interested in vinyl or fiber cement siding, Krech Exteriors is ready to help. We install high-quality and energy-efficient materials to improve your home’s beauty while helping you save on utility bills. Call us at (651) 688-6368 or complete our online form to get started. We serve homeowners around Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

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