The Benefits of Replacing Your Siding in Spring

The Benefits of Replacing Your Siding in Spring

You can have your siding replaced during most seasons, but doing it in the spring has certain advantages. 

Milder Weather

The spring season is great for most kinds of exterior installation, repair and remodeling projects because of the milder weather. Siding installers generally finish projects faster because they’re not as exposed to extreme temperatures. A more comfortable working environment would mean less delays and a higher likelihood of finishing the project ahead of time. 

Mild weather is also ideal for the logistics side of siding installation. Extreme weather is the most common cause of installation delays, especially when the materials are sourced a few states away. Frequent rainfall can also put an in-progress installation on hold.

Avoid the Peak Season

The summer season is peak season for building and remodeling contractors. You’re more likely to hire the first contractor on your list and on the dates that work best with you if you book them for the spring season. Planning your siding installation a season or two ahead can give you more time to research options, compare estimates and plan your installation dates. If your project involves temporarily relocating your family, you can book accommodations (or make arrangements with your relatives) well ahead of time. 

Siding installation during off-peak seasons also gives you more headroom if the project gets delayed as contractors won’t have as many projects lined up at this point. In comparison, delays in the summer season can cause a domino effect on other projects down the line.

Emergency Siding Installation Is Possible

If you need your siding replaced immediately – maybe the siding was severely damaged during the winter season – it’s easier to do so in the spring, rather than waiting until summer to do it. Routine siding maintenance can also be done on short notice during spring. It can also help prepare your home for summer storms.

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