Tips on Preparing Your Home for Siding Replacement

Tips on Preparing Your Home for Siding Replacement

Preparation before any renovation or remodeling project can help keep hassles and delays, as well as post-installation clean-up, to a minimum. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for a siding replacement project.

Remove the Shutters and Other Window Fixtures

Your home’s exterior may have shutters, gutter downspouts or other removable parts that might get in the way of siding installation. Removing them ahead of the siding installation date can make the installation process easier as well as help reduce the risks of accidentally damaging these components. You will also have ample time to call your shutter and gutter contractor for help if you’re unsure of how to remove these exterior components and put them back on.

Trim the Tree Branches

If you happen to have trees on your property, there are several reasons why you should keep the branches trimmed. It helps prevent scratches on the roofing surface that may lead to moisture infiltration, it helps reduce the risks of fire damage, and it helps prevent nesting animals from gaining access to your roof. It can also aid your siding installers by providing room to move around during installation.

Clear the Deck, Lawn and Patio

Removing patio furniture, ornaments and other loose items on your deck, lawn and patio can help facilitate faster siding installation. Installers will usually require space in the yard to temporarily store siding boards and other materials. Space will also be needed temporarily for dumpsters that will be used to store discarded siding.

Remove Wall Décor

There will be lots of hammering on the exterior walls, which means anything hanging on it from the inside may fall off. Remove anything that is hanging from the walls – framed art or photos, books and knickknacks on wall-mounted shelves and appliances that aren’t screwed into mounting brackets – and store them somewhere else for the duration of the project. Dust and plaster may also end up swirling around so it’s best to cover electronics and other items sensitive to dust until siding replacement is completed.

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