Key Considerations When Planning Window Replacement

Key Considerations When Planning Window Replacement

Replacing your windows can help address home issues like inconsistent indoor temperatures, poor natural lighting and high energy consumption. However, it’s not a catch-all solution because every home has its own unique set of requirements. Here are some of the important things to consider before getting your windows replaced.

Code Compliance

According to the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), windows are required to be at least 24 inches above the adjacent interior floor if they are to be installed more than 6 feet above grade. Other requirements like the use of tempered glass in ground-level windows can help reduce fall risks, especially for small children. Bedroom windows are also required by code to be of a certain size to provide emergency egress.

This underlines the importance of choosing a replacement window contractor that complies with building codes – not for the sake of compliance, but because it will help reduce the risks of injuries that may be otherwise caused by noncompliant windows.

Window Materials

Your window replacement contractors may offer more than one option for their replacement window frames and sashes. Make it a point to compare the pros and cons of each – for example, lifespan, durability and maintenance requirements – instead of choosing the most affordable option. Insulated glass is also worth considering over traditional single-pane glass because it can help you save on your heating and cooling costs. Look for the ENERGY STAR® certification when choosing amongst insulated glass options.


Pre-built replacement windows are widely available and can be purchased off-the-rack or online. However, you might be missing out on the benefits of customizable replacement windows. If your exterior wall framing has large openings, you can take full advantage of benefits like more natural lighting, a greater view and more latitude with your window style selection. If you happen to own a historic home, custom replacement windows can help maintain look of the original house design without sacrificing the benefits of modern replacement windows.

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