Most Recommended Window Styles for Kitchens

Most Recommended Window Styles for Kitchens

The right window style ensures your kitchen space is properly illuminated, well-ventilated and comfortable. Today, we talk about the top window styles that you should consider for your kitchen.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are simple and easy to use. With a sliding track to open and close, you can easily operate it while cooking or washing the dishes. You can open it slightly or fully for optimal air circulation. 

Choose sliding windows with large glass areas, and install them above kitchen sinks and counters to introduce plenty of natural light into the room. For effective ventilation, use a double sliding window so you can have two operable panels.

Garden Windows

Garden windows look great from inside the kitchen and outside the house. It elegantly extends your home’s profile and offers a nice, sunny spot for small indoor plants or herbs. However, keep in mind that garden windows require a special installation process that affects your siding. Make sure to consult a professional siding expert if you plan to have one.

Double-Hung Windows

Many households use double-hung windows in their kitchens. These windows are easy to operate and can be considered the vertical version of sliding windows. Much like horizontal sliders, double-hung windows have a large glass area that introduces plenty of natural light into the kitchen. You can maximize air circulation by opening them fully.

Casement Windows

Another popular kitchen window style suitable for most kitchens is casement windows. They open outwards, letting your kitchen receive excellent airflow when fully open. Casement windows feature a crank mechanism to open and close. For your kitchen, choose casements with a large glass area to have plenty of natural light in your space.

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