Should You Keep Your Windows Open or Closed During Hot Days?

Should You Keep Your Windows Open or Closed During Hot Days?

Summer can lead to unbearably hot days. It’s not surprising for homeowners to try everything just to keep the home cool in an efficient manner. Before turning the HVAC on, you may want to check out what the leading window experts have to say about keeping your windows open or closed during the hottest season.

Air Flow and Insulation

Keeping cool during the summer is based on two key factors: getting good air flow and your home’s insulation. Good ventilation means air doesn’t get trapped in one place while good insulation means your home doesn’t get too affected by outdoor temperatures.

Choosing Between Ventilation and Insulation

Opening the windows could have different results depending on which part of the home is more efficient. For example, a well-ventilated house would be more efficient with open windows while a well-insulated home will help you save more by keeping the HVAC running efficiently. There is no fixed rule, but the real answer depends on certain circumstances.

Best Time to Open Windows

If your home has good insulation and ventilation, the ideal time to keep your windows open is when the outdoor temperature is cooler than it is indoors like during nighttime or cloudier days. The cool air will flow in, pushing out warm air trapped inside your home. This also provides a more instantaneous effect.

Best Time to Keep Them Closed

The best time to keep your windows closed is when it’s hotter outside. If you keep your windows open, warm air from outside will rush in, causing indoor temperatures to rise. During hot sunny days, you’re better off closing your windows and even using the curtains to limit the amount of heat coming through your windows, and sticking to the HVAC.

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