Top Things to Consider Before Getting Window Grilles

Top Things to Consider Before Getting Window Grilles

Window glass used to break easily. That’s why it was first manufactured in smaller panes, which were assembled and supported by grilles to make up an entire window. Modern technology has enabled window manufacturers to produce larger glass that doesn’t break easily, thus eliminating the need for grilles. That said, grilles are only added to windows these days as an aesthetic feature. And since they no longer serve any function, should you still consider getting window grilles? 

Continue reading to learn some of the important things to consider before adding grilles to your windows.

Architectural Style

Is your home’s architectural style traditional or contemporary? Generally, grilles look best in Colonial-style homes. They also add appeal to traditional New England architectural styles. For contemporary-style homes, windows without grilles are the most suitable option.


If your window offers a beautiful view or it looks out onto your yard, you should leave off the grilles. The grilles will only obstruct the gorgeous view that you have. However, if you don’t like the view of the street outside your window, grilles could be useful in distracting the eye from it.

Curb Appeal

Consider how it would impact your home’s curb appeal if your windows have grilles or no grilles. Since grilles aren’t functional at all, the only thing they could offer is aesthetic value. Ultimately, will your home look better with grilles or without grilles?

Window Style

Double-hung and casement windows look good with or without grilles. Picture windows, on the other hand, typically don’t have grilles since they are usually selected for their expansive view and the copious amounts of sunlight they offer. For bay windows, the middle and side windows can have either grilles or no grilles. Meanwhile, a bow window looks best if all its three windows don’t have grilles. 

For excellent results, we highly recommend asking window and design professionals for their recommendations. Often, they provide free consultations to customers.

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