What to Consider When Choosing Dark Siding Colors

What to Consider When Choosing Dark Siding Colors

Trends for the most prevalent home improvement designs focus on minimalistic styles – hence, the rise of neutral colors and tones both for interior and exterior. Here’s what to consider when choosing darker siding shades.

  1. The color of your roof and the style of your house – Matching your siding and trims can boost your property’s curb appeal. Experts remind that if your roofing material is dark, it might be ideal to consider a lighter siding color scheme. A more muted, neutral roof hue can allow more choices for exterior schemes. Finally, whether you have a Victorian or Ranch home, the siding and trim color should feel appropriate to the architectural style.
  2. The impacts of heat absorption – Siding professionals say dark-colored surfaces can absorb sunlight more effectively than lighter ones. This could be destructive to a home’s energy efficiency. Because darker colors heat the substrate more, they will be more likely to increase movement. This means that your exterior walls should have enough insulation if you choose this kind of siding color. Remember that fading and cladding are also a concern.
    • Composites: You may consider LP® SmartSide® and BoralTruExterior. Both of which expand and contract less than other types of siding.
    • Fiber cement: Most of the time, you’ll find that standard factory colors for this material are not particularly dark, but they do not place a limit on what colors you can apply. Experts also note upon installation, there seems to be no problem with painting them black.
    • Vinyl: Utilizing this material for dark siding may not be appropriate. According to contractors, several manufacturers warranty vinyl siding offerings against excessive color fade; however, this isn’t always the case.

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