LP SmartSide: The Smart Siding Choice For Your Home

LP SmartSide: The Smart Siding Choice For Your Home

Siding is a smarter alternative to painting as it’s both attractive and long-lasting. But which siding is best for your home? Is it vinyl, steel, or good old cedar wood? Krech Exteriors explains why LP® SmartSide® Siding should be the siding for your home.

What Is LP SmartSide Siding?

LP SmartSide Siding is an innovative wood siding fast becoming the standard siding for almost every home. It’s engineered to resist intense impact and pressure, but it really stands out in its environmental resistance. It’s one of the few and trusted siding in the U.S. proven to resist rotting, decay, and extreme temperature variances.

The siding itself is treated with SmartGuard®, making it virtually immune to termites. With all these benefits, there’s little wonder why it’s the most popular siding. We highly recommend this siding if you want complete peace of mind for your home.

Siding Aesthetics

While there’s plenty to praise with LP SmartSide Siding’s functional benefits, it doesn’t slack when it comes to aesthetics. The siding features a deep cedar grain texture and defining shadow lines that vinyl and fiber cement siding simply cannot replicate. The natural aesthetics of the siding make it compatible with almost any home, and really bring out the beauty of your traditionally designed house. We highly recommend getting this siding if you want to improve your home’s frontage and curb appeal.

Easy-to-Install Siding

Finally, this siding is engineered to be as workable as possible. The 16’ lengths are easy and quick to install, and it reduces seams by up to 33% compared to 12’ fiber cement siding. The siding is also pre-primed and boasts consistent straight pieces for a seamless and beautiful finish.

Don’t debate what siding to get for your home anymore. We recommend LP SmartSide Siding. It’s simply the smarter choice if you want protection and aesthetics in one easy to install package. Give us a call at (651) 968-888 for more information on this siding option we offer. We offer siding installation throughout Minneapolis.

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