4 Common Reasons of Roof Failure

4 Common Reasons of Roof Failure

Your roof and siding protect your home’s interior. Any damage to your roof can lead to damage to other parts of the house.

Typical asphalt shingle roofs last around 20 years. Some manufacturers give a 50-year warranty for their top quality shingles. But why do some roofs fail even before they reach their projected life span? Here are four possible reasons.

  1. Substandard Installation– Some roofing contractors do not have enough expertise to repair or replace a roof. Some may not follow national or state codes and this will result in problems later on. Others may not be aware of the proper techniques for installing asphalt shingles in a particular weather condition. For instance, during winter installation, asphalt shingles must be hand sealed as the thermal adhesive will not work when the temperature drops too low
  2. Manufacturing Defect- Despite the manufacturer’s best efforts, some roofing materials may have defects. This will lead to early deterioration or issues on your roof.
  3. Mechanical Damage- Rodent infestation can cause damage to your roof. Mechanical damage can also be caused by third party vendors (like your cable or satellite provider) while installing their equipment
  4. Trapped Moisture and Temperature Extremes- This can be caused by inadequate ventilation in the attic. Too much heat from inside and outside your home can damage your shingles prematurely

Proper roof maintenance must always be observed to ensure that your home will be protected in the long term. It is best to seek the expertise of professional roofing and siding contractors when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your home

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