How to Prep Your Siding for Painting

How to Prep Your Siding for Painting

Painting your siding is a cost-effective way of updating your exterior. But before you can start, you need to prep your siding first. Otherwise, the paint might not stick to your siding.

Use a Garden Hose to Clean Lightly Soiled Siding

The water pressure from a garden hose should be enough to remove stains on soiled wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement siding. If a few stubborn stains remain, you can scrub them off using a nylon brush and a mild detergent. For mold and mildew, you’ll need a stronger solution: mix four parts water with one part bleach to create a bleach solution.

Use a Pressure Washer for Chalk Residue and Heavy-Duty Stains

Rub a cloth over the siding. If there’s a powdery residue on it, you’ll have to wash your siding using a power washer. Make sure the power washer is on a low-pressure setting; high water pressure can damage your siding. Rinse from the top-down, taking care not to spray behind the siding or near the windows and doors. Let the siding dry for at least 48 hours before painting it.

Remove Peeling Paint 

However, if the paint on the siding is flaking, you’ll have to remove the damaged portions of the coat using hand or power scrapers. Flaking happens when the coat of paint isn’t applied properly, or there’s moisture behind the siding. Afterward, smooth the edges of the portions that aren’t damaged using sandpaper or a sander.

Prime Wood Siding 

Some experts recommend removing the entire coat of paint on wood siding and then priming the surface. This will take longer, but oil-based primer can hide imperfections in the siding better and provide a good foundation for water-based paint.

However, if you’re having trouble with the prepping phase, consult a contractor. Even the smallest error can ruin your siding and diminish your home’s curb appeal. Whether you need a new roofing system installed or your siding painted, you can’t go wrong with hiring a contractor. Just make sure you hire an experienced one.

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