Why Steep-Slope Roof Replacements Cost More

Why Steep-Slope Roof Replacements Cost More

Roofing repair contractors and installation professionals use the format Y/X to describe the steepness of a roof. Y is called the “rise”, and it’s how much a roof rises in inches while X describes the “run” or the distance over which the Y rises. Residential homes have steepness numbers that range from 3/12 to 20/12. Any roof with a steepness of 8/12 or lower is considered “walkable”, that is the roofer can safely walk over the roof.

The cost of installation or replacement for roofing systems can depend on how high their slopes are. In general, steeper roofs often cost more than their low-sloped counterparts. Here’s why.

Safety Issues

Contractors follow strict safety guidelines when installing roofing systems. These guidelines are often stricter in steeper roofs. This inevitably slows down the installation process, which means the contractor will require more hours to complete a roof replacement. Of course, this will be reflected in your roofing estimate as a higher cost.

More Materials

Steepness also affects how many shingles it takes to cover the entire roof. For example, a 12/12 roof will need almost double the number of shingles than that of a 4/12 roof. This is an excellent opportunity to change the slope of your roof if you’re building a brand-new system. However, if you’re having a roof replacement on an already existing roof, discuss with your roofing contractor pricing ranges for your current steepness.

Installation Expertise

The method of shingle installation in a steep-sloped roofing system is different for “walkable” roofs. Hiring specialists to handle your roof replacement, therefore, will usually cost more compared to when you have a roof with a steepness of 8/12 or below.

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