Home Style and Your Roof: Things to Consider When Re-Roofing


A new roof is a big investment, especially if you’re planning on improving your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your old roof might already be an eyesore which can lower your home’s value, as well as appeal. Before you decide on re-roofing your home you have to consider one important factor – home style.


A roof can look basic, with colors designed to blend in that of the house’s exterior walls or landscape. Better yet, your roof could be made to look like an architectural statement, designed to catch people’s attention.


Now, let’s talk about the different architectural roof types. Some types have prominent roof lines, while others have practically no roofline at all. These different types have different pitch – the degree of the slope of the roof – which influences the appearance of the roof and your home. This helps determine what material is right and what’s not.


After you’ve taken the architectural type of your roof into account, let’s discuss texture and color. Selecting the right color and texture means assessing the overall appearance of the house, along with how the roof will look in relation to the other houses in the neighborhood. In this regard, you may need a professional’s opinion. Fortunately, Krech Exteriors can be of assistance.


We have been working on Minneapolis roofing for more than two decades, during which we’ve recognized the different needs of different homes. As such, we can install various types of roofing materials and tailor-fit it to the design of your house.


If you request our assistance with selecting a material for your new roof, our professional roofer and design team can recommend a system that specifically meets your needs. We can install:


• Asphalt shingles
• Slate roofing
• Wood shakes & shingles
• Metal Roofing
• Tile Roofing


Make sure you’re making an investment that complements the design of your home for the best results. For more information on roofing in Minneapolis and home style, contact Krech Exteriors today.

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