Krech Exteriors: Finding a Professional Roofing Contractor

Getting your Minneapolis roofing done is not an easy task. It will require an expert to make sure that it’s installed properly, and by “expert,” we mean that the roofer should have proper training as well as extensive experience in the roofing business. This will make sure that your investment is going to be worth every penny.

With so many fly-by-night roofers proliferating in the area, how can you be certain that the contractors you’ll be hiring are real professionals? With this in mind, Krech Exteriors, the top roofer in Minneapolis, prepared this list of questions to help you ensure that you’ll be investing your hard-earned money in the right contractor:

How long have they been servicing the area?

Knowing how long the contractor has been doing business is not only going to ensure experience. It also tells you how stable the company is. This is important as years from now, when something goes wrong with your roof, you’ll want to go back to the people who were responsible for building it.

Krech Exteriors, for instance, has been servicing residents since 1988—long enough to know that a lot of homeowners trust us with their roofing needs, which has proven to be a tough accomplishment for many of our counterparts.

Do they have an office and contact number?

Having a place for business makes it easier for clients to find and contact a contractor in case any problems arise after the roofing job.

As for Krech Exteriors, you can visit us at 5866 Blackshire Path, Inver Grover Heights, MN 55076. Or you can reach us by calling (651) 968-8888.

Are they licensed and fully insured?

The state of Minnesota requires a license for contractors to protect consumers. If the contractor cannot show you a license, it only means that the contractor wasn’t able to comply with state regulations. A contractor should also carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. This will protect you from liabilities in case any accidents occur during the roofing job.

What brand of roofing products do they offer?

Affiliations with top roofing manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed will not only make sure that you’ll have high-quality roofing products. It will also ensure that the roofer is properly trained in the latest processes and techniques in installing different roofing materials. Further, you will be protected against roofing defects as GAF and CertainTeed offer strong warranties.

Can they provide you with references?

Ask the contractor for references to verify if the roofer has had satisfied customers. You can also check the contractor’s previous jobs by visiting the Better Business Bureau website and checking out the contractor’s reviews to see if their recent customers were satisfied with the contractor’s job.

If you are in need of a trustworthy roofer, the best way to go is with us at Krech Exteriors. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our company, services, and products. Call now!

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