When is the Best Time to Repair or Replace Your Siding?

Your siding in Minneapolis does more than just enhance the look of your exterior. It shields your home against unwanted moisture and heat. Given their crucial role, your siding is prone to multiple problems caused by varying weather conditions, harsh elements, and other external factors. As a homeowner, you should know how to determine when your siding system needs a simple repair or a major replacement job.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

When You Should Consider a Repair
Many things influence the condition of your siding. Hailstorm, for one, can damage your siding big time. Depending on its intensity, a hailstorm can crack, warp, and dent your siding. Sometimes, flying debris can also lead to the same damage. Trees, branches, and other hard objects can pierce through the toughest siding.

If your siding incurs this kind of damage, your home is susceptible to water intrusion, mold, and airborne toxins. So you need to be extra careful, especially during a storm or any severe weather. These siding problems mostly require repair work. However, there are instances when getting new siding is the better option.

The Best Time for a Replacement
Many homeowners think of getting a replacement only when their siding is completely damaged. This shouldn’t be the case. Always consider the severity of the damage that your siding has obtained. Have a professional contractor like us at Krech Exteriors conduct an inspection to assess the condition of your siding.

We can help evaluate the current state of your siding and recommend the best solution. Another aspect you need to consider is the age of your siding. Although the surface of your old siding may look okay, you will never know what lies beneath it but it’s likely that it has acquired some issues over time.

To make sure your siding is in top shape, call your local contractor for siding in Minneapolis. Don’t take chances on old and underperforming siding structures. We at Krech Exteriors specialize in siding repairs and installations. We only use products from the country’s leading brands like James Hardie. We also offer a range of home improvement solutions.

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