Hallmarks of an Ideal Roofing Warranty

When selecting a new roof, the warranty coverage bears equal consideration as other factors like material choice and expected life span. It’s your safety net against potential problems stemming from manufacturing or installation issues. But what makes an ideal roofing warranty? Local roofing and siding company Krech Exteriors shares a look.

Comprehensive Coverage

Every roofing product has some kind of warranty coverage, but what sets a good one apart is its coverage. Many major roofing companies offer tiered warranties that provide coverage for the complete roofing system, which may encompass not only the roofing shingles but also vital components such as underlayment and ventilation. This is a key feature because a roof is supposed to work as a complete system, not a collection of individual parts.

Exclusive Coverage

Roofing manufacturers offer exclusive coverage through designated or certified roofing contractors to ensure quality and consistency. If you were to file a warranty claim for your roof, you can count on your roofer to adhere to a high level of standards, no matter your chosen warranty tier.

Workmanship Warranty

Even the best roofing products could fail if installed poorly. This places great emphasis on the importance of workmanship or installation coverage in any kind of warranty. Designated or certified contractors may offer workmanship coverage as part of a comprehensive limited warranty package, and is usually backed by the manufacturer. Additionally, some contractors may offer a separate quality guarantee that further assures the quality of their work — this can be offered in addition to or in place of the manufacturer-backed coverage.


A transferable warranty offers a couple of advantages. If you’re a homeowner who is considering selling the house — sooner or years down the road — you know that your home won’t drop in value. If you’re a home buyer, you can buy with confidence knowing that you can enjoy the same coverage as the previous homeowner.


Some roofing warranties are prorated. This means the manufacturer would cover the full cost of repairs or replacement for the first few years, then the coverage would decrease incrementally over the remaining years. For example, a prorated roof with a 20-year life span may have 100% coverage for the first 10 years. In the 11th year, coverage would decrease to 95%, then 90% the following year, and so on. A non-prorated warranty, on the other hand, has continuous coverage throughout its expected life span, as stated in the contract.

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