How to Manage a Roofing Emergency

How to Manage a Roofing Emergency

The roofing system is an integral part of any home. It protects the homeowners from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, heavy rainfall, sharp-hitting hail and other unwanted weather elements. So, what happens when high winds tear off loose shingles from your roof or when thunderstorms force water to infiltrate the roof deck? A roof emergency can happen anytime. Although urgent, there is no need to panic when you know how to properly manage an emergency roof repair.

Minimize Damage by Protecting Your Belongings

After you confirm storm damage, the next thing you should do is protect exposed areas as quickly as possible. You can use plastic tarps and other nonporous materials to cover holes that have appeared around the home. If water continues to leak from the ceiling during a bout of rain, place a bucket underneath the hole or any container that can prevent water droplets from collecting on the floor. And, then, call a local roofing professional to assess further damages.

Let a Roofer Inspect for Other Damages

The best maintenance you can do after the weather event is to call for the help of a local roofer. The technician will inspect the overall condition of your roofing system and may find issues that need to be addressed immediately. Roofing and siding contractors are familiar with emergency repairs and already know which areas to look for because of their experience.

Contact Your Insurance Company

To minimize losses and costly repairs, contact your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover roof replacement if the damage is an act of nature. The insurance company will send out an adjuster to review the damages and determine how much the claim is worth. You can also get an estimate from the roofing company as proof of damage.

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