Roof Flashing Failures and How They Affect Your Roof

Roof Flashing Failures and How They Affect Your Roof

The flashing is one of the most well-known components of a roofing system. Made of a strip of waterproof material, the flashing creates a physical barrier over ridges, valleys, and roof edges where a fully-sized shingle can’t fit. Unfortunately, flashing can fail and cause problems for your roof if not fixed ASAP. Here’s a closer look at roof flashing failure and how it can affect your roof as explained by the leading roofing contractors in the area.

What Roof Flashing Failure Looks Like

Roof flashing failure can look different on a case-to-case basis. In some cases, the flashing looks normal, with barely visible gaps when viewed from a distance. Some cases are more noticeable with the flashing strip sharply bent or “pinched” in multiple places. Others may have undamaged strips but cracked or brittle sealant.

What Happens When Flashing Fails

All kinds of flashing failure must be fixed as soon as possible because they all lead to moisture damage. This is especially true for flashing running along roofing valleys because  water runoff is naturally funneled towards them. Because of this, a gap in the flashing can cause greater leaks than an equally-sized gap in a damaged shingle or panel.

Repairing Damaged Flashing

Minor cases of flashing failure can be easily dealt with. It’s possible to get rid of small gaps along the flashing by reapplying sealant over them. Metal flashing can be bent back into shape, but vinyl or other flashing materials may require complete replacement. In most cases, damaged roofing is also accompanied by damage shingles, which end up being replaced at the same time as the flashing.

Professional Installation

Because of the inherent risks of working directly on the roof, we recommend having your flashing fixed by a certified local roofer. This will also ensure that even hard-to-spot gaps along your roof’s flashing can be detected and dealt with before those have the chance to lead to major leaking problems later on.
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