Should You Delay Roof Replacement?

Should You Delay Roof Replacement?

If your roof is nearing the end of its service life, you should start planning for a replacement. Here are the benefits of a timely roof replacement.

The Roof Repair Costs Can Add Up

A worn-out aging roof is more vulnerable to damage from high winds and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, among other causes. Putting off roof replacement for later means increasing the likelihood of severe damage. While repairs can be performed on an old roof, it would be, at best, a temporary solution. Chances are, your roof will require repairs again in the next few months. The costs of these repair appointments can add up – costs that would have been better spent towards getting a new roof.

Knowing the roof’s age relevant to the expected end of its service life can give you ample time to prepare for a roof replacement project. If you’re not the house’s first owner and are unsure of the roof’s age, schedule a maintenance inspection with your roofing contractor.

A New Roof Can Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A roof that’s beyond its expected lifespan can affect your utility bills. Worn-out roofing insulation and holes in the roof will let heat escape during winter and raise your indoor heating requirements. During the summer season, it can let radiant heat into the house and raise your cooling bills. While insulation can be added to the roof, it wouldn’t be practical because it would have to be removed along with the old roof when you get around to replacing it. Conversely, a new roof – complete with new insulation and leak barriers – can help you save on your utility bills. It may also make you qualified for insurance discounts.

Prevent Mold Growth

Keeping a leaky roof can result in moisture infiltration, which leads to mold growth in the attic and behind the drywall. The spores can spread to your living areas and affect indoor air quality. Apart from the odor, mold can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. Timely roof replacement can help keep moisture away from such areas and keep your family healthy.

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