The Myths Surrounding Metal Roofs

The Myths Surrounding Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are some of the best roofing options on the market. In fact, depending on the roof type you get, you can be looking at a roof that can serve your home properly for decades or even centuries as is the case with copper roofs.

But, some people still find metal roofing suspect, mostly due to several myths and misconceptions surrounding the material. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sure our clients know what these myths are and why they shouldn’t worry about them.

Limited Color Options

One misconception is that metal roofs only come in a limited set of color options. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of rooftop coatings available exclusively for metal roofing that do more than just color the roof. And while we’re on the topic of the roof’s design, metal roofs can actually be shaped into any style you want, which makes them a great material for adding some personality to your rooftop.


People think that rain or hail falling on a metal roof can create a lot of noise that will reverberate throughout the home. This isn’t the case. Most metal roofs are installed with sound-insulating sheathing underneath the topmost layer. This sheathing effectively insulates the rest of the home from the sound that can come from the rooftop.

Rust Trap

If you’re talking about metal, then you’re going to be dealing with oxidation and rust – at least, this is what most people think. But, that’s not 100% accurate. Some metal roofs are actually rust-resistant, such as some high-quality steel panels, aluminum and copper. And if you’re still worried about rust, ask your roofing repair contractors about roofing paints with rust-resistant properties.

Lightning Rod

The last myth on this list is that metal roofs are just gigantic lightning rods on top of your home. This is a myth, with a caveat. Metal – any metal – is a great conductor of electricity, so if on the off chance lightning does hit your roof, it will conduct the electricity to the ground safely via the frame of your home. However, the chances of lightning striking your roof are very slim unless you are the highest structure in the area.

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