The Truth Behind “Free” Roofs

“Free” roofs sound like a decent offer, but it is a scam run by unscrupulous roofers. Some homeowners do get them, but the structure itself is usually made of shoddy materials and may not last even a year. Other homeowners might even be considered an accomplice to insurance fraud. In this post, Krech Exteriors shares the truth about “free” roofs.

Poor Material Quality

Free roofs are typically systems designed by unrecognized and untested roofing companies. Furthermore, these structures are lacking in quality, warranties and estimated lifespans. You may only get it upon paying for only the labor, but you’ll be calling a reputable roofer within a year or less to have it removed and replaced.

Unreliable Labor

Local roofers undergo training and get certified by trusted roofing manufacturers. However, if you come across a contractor lacking such credentials but are offering a free roof, politely decline. Their inefficient expertise and skills can lead to a poorly designed and built roofing system that won’t hold up well to the elements and require premature replacement.

Insurance and Deductible Fraud

Roofers advertising a free roof are committing fraud, which might get you into legal trouble. The insurance fraud starts after the roofer offers to replace your roof for free because they’ll pay for it using your deductible. If your roof replacement is expensive, they may ask you to inflate your insurance invoice or advertise a large deductible reimbursement. Homeowners who agree to an unscrupulous roofer’s proposed free roof agreement may get in legal trouble as an accomplice to insurance fraud. Refuse any offers of a free roof so you can stay out of trouble with the law.

Work with a reliable roofer with a solid reputation in the local area. Many homeowners in St. Paul and Minneapolis trust Krech Exteriors for their roofing and siding services. Our decades of experience and knowledge in roofing allow us to deliver the best results in every repair, replacement, and maintenance we handle. Call us today at (651) 688-6368, or fill out our contact form to get an estimate.

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