Why Your Roof Needs Good Attic Insulation

Why Your Roof Needs Good Attic Insulation

The health of your roof is not only dependent on the condition of your shingles. It takes a complete roofing system, including attic insulation, to ensure it remains reliable and durable. Adequate attic insulation has many benefits, including extending the service life of your roof and even reducing your carbon footprint. 

How Does Insulation Work?

Heat travels from warmer to colder areas until the temperatures in both are the same. In the winter, for example, heat flows from indoor heated spaces to adjacent unheated spaces, such as your attic. One way to prevent the heat from traveling to other areas is by investing in good insulation. Quality insulation keeps your heated rooms warm and cozy while preventing heat from flowing to cooler spaces. 

In addition to that, insulation can also protect your roof’s structural integrity. Excess heat can escape through gaps and cracks in your attic, which may eventually end up at the roof’s peak. This trickles throughout your shingles and roof deck, causing excess moisture and pressure. This can lead to ice dams, shingle deterioration and deck rot.

What Are the Benefits of Attic Insulation?

Good attic insulation is key to a healthy roof. It helps:

  • Reduce the risk of leaks. Your roof is designed to withstand water damage when it rains or snows. If your attic does not have adequate insulation and your roof ends up with gaps or cracks, you put your home at risk of leaks. Failure to address this can cause mold and rot. Having a well-insulated attic means giving your roof an extra layer of protection against water damage. 
  • Protect roof shingles. Even the strongest roof shingles will become worn out over time. Due to the temperature changes, roof shingles are likely to crack or become brittle. To prevent this from happening, your attic needs plenty of insulation. A well-insulated attic protects roof shingles from the effects of temperature changes, making it easier for shingles to maintain a more even temperature. 
  • Preserve the health of your roof. Your roof’s wooden rafters are more prone to expansion and contraction under extreme temperature changes, causing cracks. One way to prevent it from happening is to have the right amount of attic insulation.

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