3 Reasons to Choose Prefinished Siding

3 Reasons to Choose Prefinished Siding

Let’s face it, remodeling trends come and go, and some materials lose their popularity as quickly as they gain them. But one material that has stood the test of time is prefinished siding. If you are thinking about updating your home’s exterior, here are three good reasons why you should consider prefinished siding as the material of choice.

1. It’s a Huge Time Saver

There’s a good reason why prefinished siding is a favorite among homeowners and builders. The panels are delivered to the jobsite essentially done and ready to install so it helps save on labor costs. Aside from a few minor touch-ups when needed, there is no painting involved which eliminates problems like overspray, dripping and splattering paint. 

2. Consistent Color

Prefinished siding gets coated in precise, factory-controlled conditions so you can be sure that there will be no color variations. Thanks to the manufacturer’s precise techniques, there is also no risk for lap marks, streaking or shrink lines. 

3. Durable Finish

Prefinished siding is specifically engineered so that every board receives a uniform finish. This means that it gets weathered evenly and will require less maintenance. The manufacturing process of prefinished siding also includes a rigorous quality control inspection that guarantees a gorgeous finish every time. Between coats, the finish is cured in a controlled environment, which creates a strong bond that resists chipping, peeling and cracking.

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