5 Signs That It’s Time to Retire Your Old Siding

5 Signs That It’s Time to Retire Your Old Siding

Getting new siding can reinforce your home’s weather resistance and increase its curb appeal. But considering that it can be a significant expense, any discerning homeowner would only do it exactly when it’s necessary. Retiring your old one too early robs you of the chance of maximizing its service life. However, replacing it too late can lower your home’s guard against the elements.

Krech Exteriors shares the telling signs that it’s time to buy new siding:

  1. Loosening, Cracking or Bubbling

During their prime, siding panels can withstand the effects of wind and moisture. As they age, though, they develop deficiencies that compromise their structural integrity. Poor installation and house settling accelerate the natural wear and tear, forcing siding panels to loosen. Moisture infiltration can make their surface to bubble or blister while old age can cause them to crack.

  1. Peeling Paint

Interior paint and wallpaper peel usually when your existing siding permits moisture infiltration. You can address localized issues with repairs, but replacement might be the logical next step when major areas are affected.

  1. Dry Rot

Wood siding panels are prone to this is. When visible, dry rot is hard to miss as it leaves unsightly traces of timber decomposition. In some cases, though, it only attacks the core of the wood, wreaking havoc on the inside without offering clues of its presence on the outside.

  1. Hail Damage

Hailstones can bruise the protective finish of siding or dent or chip panels upon impact. If hail damage is evident all over your siding system, strongly consider replacing the whole thing before water intrudes into your home.

  1. High Maintenance

Are you tired of periodically painting or staining your current siding? Upgrading to a low-maintenance material can end your misery. After all, a siding product that maintains its charm with simple cleaning is a cost-effective investment to minimize your costs over the long term.

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